Where to find Elekid in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the Hisui area is full of both new and familiar Pokemon. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will keep you busy catching them all if that’s your goal. Hisui Pokedex has 242 Pokemon of various types. Elekid is one of them, and you’ve come to the perfect place if you’re having difficulties finding him. Elekid can be found in this guide, along with instructions on how to capture him.

Where To Find Elekid?

Alabaster Icelands Region, between Arena’s Approach and Icebound Falls, Elekid can be accessed. After Coronet Highlands, you’ll travel to Alabaster Iceland. Icebound Falls is located in the southwest area of the map, and Elekid can be found wandering north along a road that leads to Arena’s Approach. Elekid and Electabuzz are often seen together, so they’re easy to spot. The area is also home to Machop, Gligar, and others.

How To Catch Elekid?

To catch Elekid or any other Pokemon, it’s vital to have the advantage of surprise. If you sneak up on the Pokemon and hit them in the rear with the Pokeball, you’ll have a better chance of catching them. Crawl into some thick grass for further cover by using the “B” button. Elekid may either fight you or flee if you scare him. Trying to be stealthy is always the easy option.

You can throw a Pokeball as soon as you’re in range and see what happens. Try to Pokeball Elekid when it is near death if all else fails. In Pokemon Legends Arceus, you now know where and how to catch Elekid. After completing the first Pokemon, it’s time to move on! Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavours!

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