VALORANT update 3.05 patch notes

At first, Riot Games needed to deliver the following significant update back in August; nonetheless, it got pushed back for reasons unknown. Yet, at last, we are near encountering all-new substance in the game, and here’s a brief look at forthcoming changes in VALORANT.

Mob Games anticipates delivering the VALROANT Episode 3 Act 2 update on September eighth, 2021. Notwithstanding, a few substance makers as of now approach the new update. Thus, it’s nothing unexpected that the fix notes for update 3.05 surfaced on the web in front of the update’s true delivery.

Map Updates:

  • NEW MAP: Fracture is live!
    • See below for more info on the Fracture map rotation.

VALORANT Patch Notes 3.05: Agent Changes

    • Turret (E)
      • Bullet tagging reduced 72.5% slow >>> 29.5% slow (84.31% Decrease in slowing.)
  • RAZE
    • Boom Bot (C) 
      • Max damage reduced 125 >>> 80
      • Min damage reduced 50 >>> 30
      • Cost reduced 400 >>> 300
    • Aftershock (C) 
      • Now deals damage to the following:
        • Killjoy Alarm Bot
        • Killjoy Nanoswarm
        • Killjoy Lockdown
        • Cypher Tripwire
        • Reyna Leer
        • Sage Barrier Orb
        • Sova Recon Bolt
        • KAY/O Zero/Point
    • Orbital Strike (X)
      • Now deals damage to the following:
        • Killjoy Nanoswarm
        • Cypher Trapwire
        • Sage Barrier Orb
        • KAY/O Zero/Point
  • SOVA
    • Hunter’s Fury (X)
      • Now deals damage to the following:
        • Killjoy Nanoswarm
        • Cypher Trapwire
        • Sage Barrier Orb
        • Sova Recon Bolt
        • KAY/O Zero/Point

VALORANT Patch Notes 3.05: Competitive Updates

  • Immortal 1/2/3 rank tiers are back!
    • The Leaderboard will update to distinguish between those of you in each Immortal tier.
  •  Updated Ranked grouping restrictions to accommodate the return of Immortal 1/2/3:
    • Diamond 1 → Immortal 1
    • Diamond 2 → Immortal 2
    • Diamond 3 → Immortal 3
  • Adjusted Competitive ranked distribution as detailed in a previous article (To be released)
  • Fracture only queue!
    • This queue is a standard, Unrated mode that will give players a chance to practice the new map before they see it in Competitive play.
    • Fracture-only queue will be available for 2 weeks, afterward, Fracture will enter other modes, including Competitive.

Premium Battlepass Bonus XP

  • Upgrading to the Premium Battlepass will grant a 3% XP boost toward the Battlepass tier progression for all matchmade games until the end of Act II
    • We believe the Battlepass experience is at its best when you’re able to earn hype rewards as you unlock tiers, hitting major milestones and feeling good about what you’ve earned.
  • This is not retroactive, so upgrading early will give you access to the most amount of XP
  • The XP boost does not apply toward Daily or Weekly Missions. 


  • Updated AFK detection logic to deter players from farming Battlepass/Account Levels by AFKing in-game modes like Deathmatch and Snowball Fight 


  • Updated the ping calculation to exclude the server frame time.
  • Updated markers used by NVIDIA Reflex
    • NVIDIA Reflex is used to reduce and measure rendering latency. This update should allow Reflex to better pace frames by adding present markers as well as fixes on some older markers.

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