The Seven Deadly Sins Anime Is Getting Open-World Action Game

Since its publication in 2014, the manga series The Seven Deadly Sins has become a hot property. One of Netflix’s most popular anime series, this one stands out in particular. A popular series like this necessitates a wide range of video game adaptations, which is understandable. Bandai Namco’s The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia on the PS4 is a clear adaptation of the manga, and others are more like the smartphone game The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

One of the Seven Deadly Sins has inspired Netmarble to create a new game, according to the studio’s announcement. Netmarble also created the previously mentioned Grand Cross. The Seven Deadly Sins Origin is a follow-up to Netmarble’s mobile title that expands on the game’s turn-based RPG gameplay by adding an expansive overworld and a brand-new hero.
Open-world gameplay will include characters from the manga comics, including several Seven Deadly Sins’ main characters. Meliodas, Merlin, Diane, and Elizabeth all feature prominently in the trailer. The environments in this open-world game are diverse and vibrant, in keeping with the anime aesthetic, much like those in games like Genshin Impact or Breath of the Wild. As Meliodas starts running through some kind of field in the rain, or dives into the open sea to find buried treasure, this can be seen.
Members of the Seven Deadly Sins can be seen in combat or in the world at large, depending on the situation. For example, Merlin can use dark magic to ward off enemies, while Meliodas can call upon Diane to create a pillar that will aid him in his ascent to greater heights. Both are examples of magic users. The trailer also shows off other gameplay elements, such as a stamina meter when clinging to a rock face or gliding.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a sequel to this game, which Netmarble describes as having an original story that expands the multiverse of the franchise. As Tristan sets out to discover the continent of Britannia, which has been distorted by time and space, he is introduced as a new character. The Seven Deadly Sins Origin appears to have a strong emphasis on exploration and action, as evidenced by the various modes of transportation the characters have available to them.

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