Steam Next Fest starts October 1st

Valve didn’t stand by long to hold its second Steam Next Fest. You’ll see a scope of forthcoming games, including livestreams and visits, however the feature might be the demos.

Most remarkably, IGN says you’ll will attempt No Man’s Sky maker Hello Games’ Steam arrival of The Last Campfire. Other game demos will incorporate Ludomotion’s Unexplored 2, The Artistocrats’ Starship Troopers — Terran Command and Andrew Shouldice’s activity experience Tunic.

Steam Next Fest, similar to Summer Game Fest and other virtual occasions, subs for true gaming meetings and exhibitions that can’t occur because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This offers autonomous makers a chance to advance and refine games that may somehow or another stand out enough to be noticed contrasted with blockbuster titles. It additionally helps Valve, obviously — you might be bound to purchase these games and in any case see Steam as a go-to hotspot for independent deliveries.

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