Rockstar Officially Confirms Grand Theft Auto 6

The solid sales stats for Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online indicate that they will be around for some time to come. With Rockstar Games and GTA 5’s Franklin voice actor teasing new stuff.

But that doesn’t mean Rockstar isn’t already looking to the future. In its most recent community update, it finally confirmed what every Grand Theft Auto fan has been waiting for: the official revelation that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in active development.
As a result, Rockstar has left the next game’s title up in the air, leaving it as an ambiguous “next entry” in the franchise. It did, however, indicate that whatever the name of Grand Theft Auto 6, the game’s production cycle is “far underway.”. This does give some hope for fans who are eager to move on from current games as swiftly as possible, although it is unclear what that implies in terms of time.
Recently, a leaker claimed to have shown some of GTA 6’s radio station tunes, thus this is great news. While a song leak may seem like a minor detail to some, song leaks have historically been a significant indicator of how far away GTA games are in development. GTA 5’s music selection was leaked approximately one month before its official release in September. While it’s unreasonable to expect GTA 6 to be released in a month, it’s feasible the game will be available in a year or two, given the release of GTA 5: Enhanced and Expanded in March.

Despite the fact that a GTA 6 release date that’s sooner than expected is great for gamers, some may be surprised by it.. As long as GTA 5 and GTA Online continue to dominate the sales rankings, many feared that Rockstar wouldn’t have the motivation to produce GTA 6. Even if Rockstar doesn’t care about player numbers, it’s possible that the company may continue to support GTA Online even after GTA 6 is out.

The fact that a sequel to the series has been confirmed and is at least in the early stages of development is reason enough for fans to be excited. If rumours about the GTA 6 release date are to be believed, gamers may be able to get their hands on the upcoming game much sooner than originally anticipated.

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