Monster Hunter Rise Teases Collaboration with Sonic

Recently Capcom streamed its conference at the Tokyo Game Show, which it named the “Capcom Online Program,” showcasing its likely arrangements for Monster Hunter Rise. The stream had many surprises, and even a live melodic performance at a certain point, and shared a few bits of news, including subtleties on Rise’s upcoming Sunbreak expansion. Alongside this, Capcom likewise delivered a few tweets recapping or revealing even more news, including a few collaborations with properties including Sonic the Hedgehog and Ghosts ‘N Goblins Resurrection.

Monster Hunter is no stranger to hybrids, even from outsider properties. Recently players could take Megaman’s dependable mechanical canine Rush into the quarrel with a restorative thing for their palamute, the player’s own friendly canine. The Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration is particularly opportune, as Capcom explained on its Twitter account that the venture was made to observe Sonic’s thirty-year anniversary. While there isn’t clarification on what this collaboration will bring at the hour of this writing, fans of the blue haze ought to make certain to keep their eyes and ears out for whatever Capcom is planning.

The Ghosts ‘N Goblins Resurrection collaboration can be considered a special bonus that some may have not normal, being a significantly less notable property. However, it is a Capcom production, so it’s a good idea that it should utilize the opportunity to highlight a nearly more unassuming property that players probably won’t be acquainted with.

Delivered in February of this current year on the Nintendo Switch and then to different stages in June, Ghosts ‘N Goblins Resurrection is a stage game that sees players assuming the job of the knight Arthur as he takes on legions of the undead. The tweet from Capcom was kind enough to give a gander at what explicitly it was working on for the collaboration: a defensive layer for the player’s hunter that will cause them to take after Arthur himself. While the tasteful is certainly a conflict with the game’s style, games in the Monster Hunter franchise are no strangers to crazy hybrids.

Whatever Capcom has planned next for Monster Hunter Rise, in case history is any educator, it’s certain to blow some minds.

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