How to Release Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

There are a lot of wild Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, so players can expect to find themselves catching a lot of creatures in the wild. It only takes a few moments to capture most Pokemon now that players can throw Poke Balls in real-time. Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ main storey missions require players to collect research points in order to complete the Pokedex, which quickly fills up the Pastures. As a result of completing certain Research Tasks, players may find themselves with duplicates of a number of the game’s Pokemon.

It’s possible to release your Pokemon in the party or the pastures, but not when you’re out in the field in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. To release one‘s Pokemon, players should speak to a specific Non-player character.

Method 1 : Releasing Pokemon by Going to any Camp

Two options exist in Pokemon Legends: Arceus for releasing new Pokemon. While this may seem like a no-brainer, there are a few things to keep in mind. If the player selects the “I want to see my Pokemon” option, the Galaxy Member can show them all of their Pokemon in the Pastures. Players can use L and R to scroll through the different Pastures from this screen. The A button can be used to release a Pokemon by hovering over its icon and swiping to the right. Simply answer “Yes” when the game asks a player if he/she wants to release the pokemon.

Method 2 : Go to the Pastures

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you can also release a Pokemon by talking to Marie in the Pastures area of Jubilife Village. If you head south from the village’s Front Gate, you can’t miss it. See what Pokemon the players currently own by speaking with her. Grit Dust, Grit Rocks, Grit Pebbles and Grit Gravel can be earned by releasing a Pokemon at the Pastures, and these rewards can be exchanged for items in the game. It is possible to increase the Effort Level of Pokemon stats by using these items.
Release Multiple Pokemon at Once: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can’t release more than one Pokemon at a time at the beginning of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. At least four Pastures (120 or so Pokemon) must be filled before the ability to release multiple Pokemon can be earned. To use the “Release Multiple” option in the Pastures menu, players will need to press the X button and select all the Pokemon they wish to release, then press the X button again.

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