How To Pair Aftershokz Headphones

The AfterShokz pairing method is easy.  New devices can be effortlessly connected to and removed from AfterShokz headphones. 

Pairing with AfterShokz: Complete Guide

AfterShokz headphones and headsets are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and wristwatches. Some transmitters won’t work with it. Using Bluetooth v3.1 and higher, AfterShokz headphones can be connected to a Smart TV. Bluetooth transmitters are required if your TV does not have Bluetooth.

Pair with Bluetooth headphones

Start by turning off your headphones. When you’re ready to link your phone, hold down the volume+ button for 5–7 seconds to put it into pairing mode. When the LED light flashes red and blue and the voice prompter Audrey says “pairing,” you’re in pairing mode.
Then, in the Bluetooth section of the Settings menu, choose your headphones to pair. “Connected” will be Audrey’s response. You should now be able to hear your music through your headphones.

AfterShokz Pairing With Android Phones

Remove your headphones before you begin. As soon as Audrey says “pairing,” push and hold the volume-up button until the LED indicator lights up in the colour of your choice (red or blue). Select your headphones from the Bluetooth menu on your device.” After saying “connected,” Audrey will flash the LED indication blue once.

NFC pairing of AfterShokz 

With Near Field Communication, a mobile device and an NFC-enabled headset may communicate with one another only by being in close contact. If you don’t use Bluetooth, you won’t have to manually connect your devices. Only our OpenComm bone conduction headset is equipped with NFC pairing, making it the only AfterShokz wireless model with the technology.

In order to connect the AfterShokz OpenComm headset to a computer, press and hold both volume buttons simultaneously until the headset glows red and blue. Place the NFC sign on the headset’s left arm as close to the Android device’s NFC detecting region as possible. An audible “connected” announcement will be made by Audrey as soon as your headset receives a single blue light flash. The device you’re connecting to could require that you confirm the connection as well.

Multiple Device Pairing

  • Start by turning off your headphones.
  • To start pairing mode, press and hold the volume button for 5-7 seconds (the LED light will flash red and blue).
  • For 2-3 seconds, hold down the volume+ button and the multifunction button. “Multipoint Enabled” is what Audrey says.
  • The first device should be connected. “Connected,” says Audrey.
  • Turn off your earbuds.
  • Press and hold the volume button for 5-7 seconds  until the LED light flashes red and blue, to re-enter pairing mode mode.
  • Connect the second device. Audrey reports that “Device Two is Connected.”
  • Remove any earbuds that are currently in use.
  • These devices should now be able to hear your headphones.

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