How to make an End Crystal in Minecraft

The End Crystal has been seen by every player who has defeated the last boss in Minecraft, even if they were unaware of its identity. The Ender Dragon’s health is restored by End Crystals, the floating cubes located atop massive Obsidian pillars in the End. They must be destroyed in order to slay the Ender Dragon, yet there is no way to mine them. As a result, those who wish to obtain their own End Crystal will have to create one, but the process will be difficult.

Players should use caution when utilising End Crystals as ornaments, due to the fact that they are very flammable. A single punch or snowball can cause the End Crystal to explode with the same force as a Charged Creeper. While this might be deadly to the player’s health bar, it can also damage neighbouring structures.

Introduction to End Crystals

End crystals, as previously stated, can be found at the very end of the game. You’ll witness a floating island with pillars arranged in a circle when you enter the End Portal. The end crystal of each of these pillars will be placed atop a piece of bedrock. The Ender Dragon’s health will be restored when these crystals are connected to it. Fortunately, you don’t have to slay the Ender Dragon in order to obtain your own end crystal. ‘

How to make an End Crystal

You’ll need the following elements to create an end crystal :

  • One of Ender’s Eyes
  • A single ghast tear
  • Seven blocks of glass

The ender pearls and blaze powder used to make the eyes of ender are rare and expensive materials. It is possible to obtain Ender pearls from Endermen, which can be found in all three of the game’s realms. Instead, you may put up an Enderman farm and harvest a lot of ender pearls. Expert-level Cleric villagers will also be able to sell Ender pearls for five emeralds.

Blaze powder is made from blaze rods, which spawn in Nether Fortresses and are dropped by the infamous Blazes. They can fly and shoot fire, making them a pain to take down. In the fortresses, Blaze spawners are plentiful, so you’ll be able to amass the necessary supplies very quickly. One blaze rod can provide two blaze powders.

Ghast tears, which spawn in the Nether as well, drop from the eyes of Ghasts. Giant white mobs known as ghasts float in the air, spewing fireballs that can be deadly. Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valleys, and Basalt Deltas are all good places to look for them.

With entrance to the Nether, you’ll have all of the materials necessary to create your own end crystal.

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