How To Make A lightsaber In Minecraft

If you’re looking for a fun, active way to play Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a lightsaber using the given steps. If you’re interested in learning more about how to make a lightsaber in Minecraft, we’ve also written down all the specific instructions you need to know.

Start by finding some materials

To create a lightsaber, you’ll need some materials that are easy to come by. You can easily find these items at your local craft store.

Start by finding some cardboard. Cardboard is a great material for making lids because it’s lightweight and can flex with movement.

Next, find some sheets of foamboard and duct tape. Foamboard is used in many craft projects and is easy to cut with a knife or scissors. Duct tape is used both as glue and as an adhesive. The adhesive on duct tape sticks well to many surfaces, so it’s perfect for holding two pieces of cardboard together for the hilt of your lightsaber.

You’ll also want to find some white glue and a skewer or toothpick that can be bent into the shape of an L-shape or T-shape. You’ll use these shapes as the ends of your lightsaber hilt, which will help keep it balanced when you’re swinging it around!

Finally, you’ll need something sparkly to put on the lightsaber blade; silver foil would be perfect because it has reflective properties that make your lightsaber light up!

Find a sturdy piece of metal

The ideal material for making a lightsaber is usually metal. Aluminum, copper, and steel are all suitable materials for this activity. The best part about using metal as the main material is that you can use the completed lightsaber to battle other players in Minecraft!

You will need a 3 by 3 inch square piece of metal. Find a sturdy piece of aluminum or copper. Once you have this, you can use it as your base to start building your lightsaber blade. On one side of the metal base, make a small hole with an awl or drill. This will be where you attach the handle to the saber once it’s complete.

Find a sharpener to make the blade look more intense


-Crafting Table

-Sharpness enchant



-Water bucket

-Redstone dust

-Bucket of water

Make the blade using the material you find

The first step to making a lightsaber is to find materials that are appropriate for the blade. You should use materials like wood, stone, or iron. For your base material, you’ll need two of these materials:

– 1 x 2 oak planks

– 1 x 3 oak planks

For the other parts (the lens, the wires), you’ll need one of each:

– 1 x redstone dust

– 1 x string

– 1 x iron ingot

– 2 x diamond ore

– 3 x cobblestone blocks

– 8 x coal blocks

– 3 x nether wart

It takes 10 wood planks and 24 cobblestone blocks to make the blade.

faced with a real life lightsaber blade

We’re going to need a few items for this project:

– A sword in Minecraft

– A machete or an axe (or anything else that can chop wood)

– A pickaxe with the sharpest edge possible

– An iron ingot

– Coal (or charcoal) for crafting with

– A bucket of water

Print out the sword and take it to a game of Minecraft

First, you’ll need to print out the sword on a piece of paper. After printing it, roll up the paper and tape the ends.

Next, take the lightsaber and place it on your head with the blade pointing to the back of your head. Make sure you have enough tape around the ends of your paper so that it doesn’t fall off.

Finally, close your eyes and think about what would happen if you became Darth Vader. You will hear a noise as your head turns into a Sith helmet! And then…you’ll be finished!

Actual lightsaber handle

1. Make a square of paper, one side shorter than the other.

2. Fold the short end of the square over to create a crease down its length.

3. Now make another crease in the mid-length of the crease you made in step two. The two creases should meet at a point in between them.

4. Cut your square along these two lines and unfold it to create a perfect rectangle shape with one long side and two short sides.

5. Take one of your long sides and fold it in half to form a strip with an opening; this strip will become your lightsaber blade’s guard or “hilt” as we like to call them here on Mojang wiki!

6. Flip the rectangle over so that its flat bottom is facing upwards and its “hild” is pointing downwards, then insert something thin (like a straw) into the hilt’s opening to poke out some flaps around its rim before you close it up again and affix your blade onto it!


Minecraft is an amazing game that can be made even better with a lightsaber. Now that you’ve made one, go show it off and enjoy the Minecraft atmosphere with a lightsaber in hand!

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