How To Find And Defeat Gunnar In Fortnite Chapter 3

Gunnar, a new epic boss, has been added to Fortnite’s V19.20 update. The newly added Point Off Interest “Covert Cavern” on the western edge of the map has Gunnar moving inside the bunker. His IO personal guards and your own attack must be dodged as you make your way through a massive health pool to defeat him.

Where To Find Gunnar

On the western end of the map, in the “Covert Cavern” landmark, you’ll discover the new Mythic boss Gunnar.

How To Defeat Gunnar

  • Once you’ve arrived at Covert Cavern, you can equip any weapon you want. In addition to weapons, stock up on medical supplies and construction materials.
  • It is estimated that Gunnar’s health and shield are both 650. As a result, prior to launching a conflict, take stock of your available assets.
  • He will respond to your attacks by shooting at you or throwing grenades. In addition, he will give orders to other IO Guards personnel to eliminate you as soon as possible.
  • Avoid getting too close to him when he’s charging toward you and keep the fight at a distance between you and him. If you have a firefly-like throw at your disposal, use it to your advantage.
  • IO Guards are a great source of ammo and healing. Get rid of them if you need resources.
  • As a last resort, build and utilise elevated areas. Also, if you require care or reloading, hide in any structure or room.
  • Dodging, shooting, healing, reloading, and building are some of the skills you’ll need to succeed. A few more rounds of this and he’ll be down in 5 to 10 minutes.

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