How to Evolve Mantyke into Mantine in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

In the Pokémon Legends: Arceus game, the player is tasked with evolving their new Mantyke into Mantine. There are many ways to evolve Mantyke into Mantine and this article will teach you how to do it from start to finish. First, find a water-type that you’ve captured and can evolve your Mantyke into a Mantine with. Next, learn how your new Mantyke evolves. After that, collect the required items and use them on your new Mantine so it can evolve further. Finally, check out the evolutions that are possible for your Mantine at each level so you know what levels of evolution that it can reach before moving onto the next step.

How to evolve Mantyke into Mantine

Against Electric-types, Mantyke’s charming Water/Flying type makes it a great choice to have in your party. It’s also possible to make him even more powerful. You’ll need to capture Mantyke as the first step in the process. While the game’s storey progresses, you must first obtain the Third Mount. This Mount is the same as the previous portions’ Surf Hidden Move. You’ll need to travel to the Cobalt Coastlands once you’ve obtained the Third Mount. To find Mantyke, you must swim around the Ginkgo Landing.

There’s a few pointers on how to make the hunt for him go more smoothly. Jump and aim the Pokeball when you are close enough to him; time will slow down and you will easily catch him.

Fortunately, Remoraid is in the area and can be captured. You should be able to locate Remoraid by swimming a little distance towards Tranquility Cove. Even though you’ll have to fight to get him, it shouldn’t be too difficult. All that’s left to do is team up Remoraid and Mantyke. Mantyke will be ready to evolve into Mantine as soon as you do this.

Collecting the items needed to evolve your new Mantine

First, collect the items needed for your new Mantine to evolve. The number of items you need depends on the level that you want your Mantine to evolve at. To get the items required for a single evolution, you’ll need a specific amount of Stardust and Candy. If you want to evolve your Mantine twice, though, then you’ll need two different amounts of Stardust and Candy. Finally, if you want more than one evolution with two different levels of evolution at once, then you’ll need two different amounts of Stardust and Candy as well as a specific amount of Poké Beans.

The evolutions that your Mantine can reach at each level.

Possible evolutions for your Mantine in the Pokémon Legends: Arceus game.

Level One: Mantyke-Mantyke

Level Two: Mantyke-Mantine

Level Three: Mantyke-Mantine

Level Four: Mantine-Mantide

Level Five: Mantine-Mantimant

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