How To Change Your Name In Among Us

Among Us has a bit of an identity crisis. The game is fun but not really in the way you think. It’s really just a multiplayer horror experience where you play as one of five characters, with other players being the monsters.

One of the many updates that Amid Us received was to allow players to change their username – something that might come in pretty handy for those who enjoy playing with friends.

When a player changes their username, all of their friends on the server will receive an email notification to make sure they’ve accepted the new name and have taken their rightful place as someone else’s friend again.

Another unforeseen advantage is that players who are inactive can also change their username. So if you’re going through a rough patch, now is your chance to start fresh!

How to change your username

To change your username, all you need to do is head on over to the Options menu. From there, you’ll be able to select Change Username and then enter in the new one. You can also upload a photo from your phone or computer as well.

What’s the point of changing your username?

Among Us was a one-dimensional game that has blown up in popularity and success. The developers have decided to extend the life of the game by adding new content based on feedback they have received.

One of their methods is to give players options to change their username, which might come in handy. After a long time playing as a certain username, it might be exciting and refreshing for some people to play as something new!

Are there any downsides to changing your name in Among Us?

Changing your username might be a great idea for other reasons, but it’s not without its downsides. For one thing, you will lose all of the stats you have accrued in the game. Additionally, you might be banned from playing if your name is already taken by someone else.

While there are some drawbacks to changing your username, it’s still something worth considering as a way to diversify the game and make it more enjoyable for longer periods of time.


If you’re ready to change your username, take a moment to consider what your new username means to you, and which Among Us username is best for your needs.

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