How to Cancel Your ESPN+ Subscription: The Right Way.

What do you think about when you hear the name ESPN Plus? Do you think of all the things you loved about ESPN and how they are now with a new name? Or, do you think of everything that is wrong with it, and how it’s not what it used to be? If the latter option describes your thoughts, then I have just the tips and tricks for you. Unfortunately, ESPN Plus was not what we thought it would be. It’s riddled with problems that leave many unsatisfied with their subscription service. Here are some ways to cancel ESPN Plus without having to jump through hoops.

The Problems with ESPN Plus

-ESPN Plus is not what it used to be

-You have to pay for it now

-It’s a monthly subscription with no contract

-They don’t offer a free trial

If you have had enough of ESPN Plus, this blog post is telling you how to cancel your subscription without jumping through hoops.

Know your options before canceling

Before you cancel your subscription, it’s important that you know your options. There are three different ways to cancel ESPN Plus and the one that you will use will depend on what’s best for you and your personal situation.

Is there a time limit on when you can cancel?

No, there is no time limit on when you can cancel ESPN Plus. You have until the day before the next billing cycle starts to do so and still receive a refund for the current billing cycle. This way, if you change your mind about cancelling after canceling, then you won’t be billed again!

Are there any fees associated with canceling?

No, ESPN Plus does not charge a cancellation fee. If anything, they offer an incentive to let people stay subscribed while they explore other options. The company offers a discount of $10 off the monthly subscription rate if someone is willing to stay subscribed for six months. So why not take advantage of this perk? It’s only $120!

How to Cancel ESPN Plus

There are 2 options for cancelling your ESPN Plus subscription. The first is to call them and speak to someone about it. The other option is to cancel via the ESPN website. I recommend doing the latter, because it’s extremely easy!

Go to Enter the email and password used when you initially set up your account Submit that information and hit “Submit” Follow the steps on the next page to complete cancellation of your account

Other ways to cancel.

If you’re looking for another way to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription, here are some options.

1. Cancel through the app

This is the easiest way to cancel. Open up the app, tap on “Account” and then find “Cancel Subscription.” This will prompt you to enter your account details and then confirm your cancellation. The process takes less than a minute and it’s painless.

2. Contact customer support

The easiest option is to contact customer support. Here are their phone numbers:

US: 1-800-746-8486 or 1-866-924-8414 (Mon.-Fri., 9am – 6pm, EST)

UK: 0844 827 5599 or 0845 606 3939 (Mon.-Fri., 9am – 5pm, GMT)

Canada: 1-888-337-9628 or 1-855-534-0535 (Mon.-Fri., 9am – 6pm, EST)

What happens after you cancel?

After you cancel your cable subscription, it might seem as if nothing changes at all. This is because you’ll be able to use your internet TV service on a variety of devices. But the truth is that not canceling has its downsides.

One downside of not cancelling is that you’ll still have to pay over $100 in taxes and fees for the next year!

And there are other things to consider too. If you cancel today, your cable provider will be able to charge an early termination fee. This is what happens when you cut ties with a company before the contract ends.

If you’re worried about having something happen after you cancel, try switching providers for 90 days first before pulling the plug on your cable subscription. After 90 days, call up your current provider and see if they’ll waive the early termination fee and let you walk away from their contract without penalty so long as it’s been less than two years since your original cancellation date!



What are my options?

There are many ways to buy and stream your favorite shows, movies and sports. You can find them on Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu. There’s also Sling TV and PlayStation Vue for sports programming. If you’re a sports fan, then DirecTV Now is also a good option. However, you’ll need to have a cable internet provider to get the most out of these services because they wouldn’t be able to provide the speed required for streaming HD content.

When should I cancel my subscription?

The time has come when it’s time to cancel your ESPN+ subscription! It’s not because the service is bad or that it doesn’t have anything worthwhile on it; it’s just that other streaming services offer more content than what ESPN+ provides. The service has been in decline since its inception in 2011 according to Bloomberg Businessweek. So now may be the perfect time for you to use ESPN+ as a secondary streaming service that you switch between when you want to watch certain channels or sporting events like college football games or NBA playoffs.

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