How to cancel a DoorDash order and get a refund

DoorDash is a popular food ordering and delivery service, with many locations in major cities. The company works with over 390,000 restaurants to provide its users with food from local eateries. But what happens when you order food from DoorDash but than you change your mind & wanna canel it? Well, the company does have a refund policy for situations just like this! To learn more about this, continue reading.

Cancel an order and receive a refund on DoorDash

  • Navigate to the “Orders” tab located at the very bottom of the screen to get started.
  • You may view your current order by tapping the “View Order” button at the top of the Orders menu.
  • In the upper-right corner of the screen, press the “Help” button.
  • You’ll be taken to a Customer Support page when you do so. Go to the menu and select “Can I cancel my order?”
  • A full, partial, or no refund will be communicated to you by DoorDash. To complete, tap “Cancel order” if you still wish to cancel your order.

How DoorDash Works

When you order food with DoorDash, the company puts their own drivers on the road who are looking to deliver your order. The drivers will go find restaurants in their given area and then pick up your food from there. When they arrive at your location, they’ll hand off the food to you and ask for payment. If you’re not satisfied with the experience, you can cancel the order within an hour of delivery and receive a full refund.

Why you might wanna cancel a DoorDash order

DoorDash is a great food delivery service, but sometimes you might think that you should cancel your order. Here are some reasons why you might wanna cancel your order:

– You ordered something that isn’t available in your area

– You ordered an incorrect item or quantity

– The restaurant canceled your order

– You received the wrong address or the food was delivered to the wrong place

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