Halo Infinite Big Team Battle New Fix Might Drop Next Week

After a failed hotfix last week, Halo Infinite players can look forward to the next Big Team Battle update as early as next week.

That Big Team Battle has had so much difficulty since its launch is unfortunate. A problem with the servers has plagued Big Team Battle matches since the middle of December, with players being kicked out of their games whenever the servers fail. Despite the fact that 343 Industries released a hotfix a few weeks ago in an attempt to address these issues, matchmaking services were still broken after the patch was applied.
343 Industries has updated Halo Waypoint with new information about when the next Halo Infinite Big Team Battle fix will be released. There has been some play testing and the build will be submitted for certification soon, according to them. While there are still some internal steps to be completed before the update can be released to the public, Unyshek estimates the update will be ready by Thursday, February 3rd.
Halo Infinite’s previous updates have been consistent with this timeline of events. It took Halo Support less than a week to reveal the BTB update’s failure in Halo Infinite, and the update finally appeared in the game the following Thursday.

Other game modes have kept Halo Infinite players occupied while Big Team Battle is unavailable. Despite the absence of one of the game’s most popular modes, the return of Fiesta and the introduction of new ones like Tactical Slayer and Attrition have allowed it to maintain a healthy player base.

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