COD Warzone Season 6 Bunker Codes and Locations

Are you in search of the locations of the Warzone bunkers? In spite of the long history of Verdansk’s underground bunkers, we no longer have access to the original map or its secret locations because of the nuclear event that marked the beginning of the Cold War. We’ve got new World War II-themed bunkers to explore as Call of Duty: Vanguard’s release date approaches, as well as the arrival of Season 6.

World War II Bunkers in Season Six

In the meantime, you can check the Verdansk map’s original codes below to see if any of the old bunkers have been resurrected.
The sixth season of Warzone saw the addition of more bunkers. Loot, weapons, and other goodies await in the new bunkers, making them just as worthwhile as the old ones.

With the start of Season 6, three new World War II-era bunkers have appeared in Verdansk. This time around, you don’t need any special codes to access them. On the map below, you can see where the bunkers are located.

  • Near the Radar Array in the northwest
  • Airport Maintenance is located to the north.
  • In the Boneyard, to the north of the silos.

Airport Bunker

Verdansk Airport’s Airport Bunker is located on the east side of the airport. You’ll be able to see the containers at the end of the runway when you arrive.

In order to find where Adler activated his seismic devices and caused a crack to appear in the city’s foundation, look at a group of rocks on the map on the southeast side of the landmark from the bunker.

Array Bunker

After arriving in Array, you’ll need to keep heading northeast in order to locate the Array Bunker. There is a path that separates from the main road that can be seen from the location. A red container conceals the bunker’s entrance.

A stack of buildings on the south side of a landmark is where you can find the fissure.

Boneyard Bunker

Compared to the other new bunkers, the Boneyard Bunker is much easier to locate. In order to reach the bunker, you’ll need to leave Boneyard via one of its eastern exits, and the entrance should be close to Boneyard’s northeastern corner, near a few warehouses.

Old Bunkers

The Shack

There is a small shack located west of the Zordaya Prison Complex. Upon entering the shack, players will be greeted by a keypad installed on the door. You can open the door by entering the provided code into the keypad and collecting the loot inside.


Find the largest structure in Farmland once you’ve arrived. Under the stairwell in this barn, you’ll find a keypad where you can enter the appropriate code. In this vault, you’ll find some of Warzone’s best loot.

Bunker in the South Junkyard

Two keypad-locked bunkers can be found around Junkyard. The first can be found in the lone bunker south of Junkyard. A flight of stairs leads to a large, reinforced door that can be opened using the keypad on the right side of the door once you’ve entered it.

Bunker in the North Junkyard

There are three bunkers on the north side of the bunker attached to a single building. To get in, walk over to the door on the right. This door is reinforced and has a keypad for you to enter the code through.

Bunker in the Park

There is a bunker hidden beneath Tavorsk Park, just above Styor Spomenik. Entering the bunker, you’ll find another reinforced door with a keypad at your disposal. To gain entry to the room’s contents, enter the code provided.


On the roadside east and beneath the TV Station, players can find a solitary shack to the side of the road. A keypad should be installed in front of this building. To gain access to the hidden treasure, the player must simply enter the access code provided.

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