Alan Wake getting a 4K remaster

Alan Wake will get his infamously wasteful light again this year, getting back to the charming—and somewhat deadly—town of Bright Falls in a 4K remaster of the 2010 loathsomeness frolic.

Wake’s misadventures during an episode of an inability to write made a major splash when it appeared a decade ago, and not because he stays in a lake house. It also managed to dazzle us two or three years later, when it came to PC. We gave it an entirely respectable 86 in our Alan Wake survey.

Fans have been clamoring for a re-visitation of Bright Falls for quite a long time, a yearning that possibly developed when obviously Control was set in the same universe, culminating in some Alan Wake-themed DLC. Cure is also chipping away at an unannounced game in the Control/Alan Wake shared universe, which could be Alan Wake 2. Or on the other hand maybe not! It’s in full creation right now, so ideally we’ll discover not long from now.

A remaster probably won’t sate the appetites of those waiting for a continuation, yet after ten years there are probably a great deal of you eager for a repeat that looks a bit fancier. This form will contain the main game and two expansions, all gussied up thanks to a 4K revise, along with a commentary from creative chief and face of Max Payne Sam Lake.

On the off chance that you need a boost or missed it the first run through around, Alan Wake is a combination of Twin Peak’s surreal small town interest and the ghastliness interpretations of Stephen King. Inanimate articles become had beasts, townsfolk become shadow-adulterated executioners and at all occasions you’re left scrutinizing what’s real. At least when you’re not addressing where the damnation the light switch is. Brilliant Falls gets extremely dark.

Wake’s a completely unlikeable protagonist, and the combat curve where adversaries are just vulnerable when you sparkle your light at them—when you’re not desperately searching for additional batteries—wears meager, yet the excursion is bolting regardless. And I came out the opposite end realizing that the unpleasant battles and the constant need to track down a functioning light did marvels to place me in Wake’s sweaty shoes.

The roundabout design—it’s a finished package, yet separated into discrete ‘scenes’— was also amazingly welcome. It enhances the Twin Peaks, Twilight Zone flows, however I also appreciated the affect this has on the pace, and the way it offers you breaks from the extreme ghastliness. Now and again you simply need the game to reveal to you that it’s OK to make a sandwich or save the part for later.

Cure announced the remaster in an open letter from Sam Lake on The Sudden Stop, a local area site that’s been around since 2012. Cure says it wanted to give the announcement to one of its most passionate networks to thank the fans for their decade of help—a classy move.

Alan Wake Remastered hasn’t been dated at this point, yet you will not have to wait long. It’s coming this autumn via the Epic Games Store.

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